Valley Renewable Energy

Want clean, renewable energy? We’ve got it.

From the moment the TVA Act was signed and one of the world’s great hydropower systems got its start, we’ve been committed to producing clean, low-cost renewable power. As market demand has evolved, so have our generation methods, partnerships and expertise.

Today—in partnership with our local power companies—we offer a spectrum of renewable energy solutions designed to serve everyone from homeowners who want to make a small monthly investment in clean energy to industrial customers seeking to partner with us in solar or wind installations. Whatever your interest in renewable energy, we have a program for you!


Jumpstart your efforts to become more energy wise at home or work with our efficiency evaluations, expert guidance, upgrade incentives, equipment rebates and more. Learn more about EnergyRight now .

Green Power Providers

The Green Power Providers program is no longer accepting new applications (effective December 31, 2019). Current program participants' contracts will remain in effect through their duration. Learn more.

Solar Calculator

Considering going with solar? Check out the Tennessee Valley Solar Calculator—tailored to conditions and prices in the region—to see if solar is right for you.

Renewables Call Center

Learn more about TVA's renewable energy program by calling toll free (866) 673-4340 or by emailing