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Land Management

TVA Land Policy

TVA’s Land Policy spells out exactly how the agency manages the reservoir system and its 293,000 acres of surrounding lands to maximize public enjoyment, flood control, navigation, power production and economic growth.

Reservoir Land Management Plans

TVA Land Management Plans reflect the application of its Land Policy in regard to the management of its reservoirs and the lands surrounding them. They govern decisions about whether land is retained or not, and establish how the land may be used and by whom.

Shoreline Stabilization

Keeping shorelines healthy and strong enhances landowners' property, and also helps protect water resources, reduce erosion and maintain wildlife habitat.

Cultural Resource Management

TVA makes extensive efforts to protect its cultural heritage through protecting archaeological resources, preserving historic sites, tracking its history through records and photography, offering information on relocated cemeteries, working with Native American tribes and more.

Rules for Use of TVA Public Lands

This list of rules for the use of TVA's public lands is designed to let recreational users have fun today, but also to preserve these beautiful natural assets for generations to come.

Preserving Wildlife Habitat

More than 181,000 acres under TVA's management have been set aside for natural resource management with the intention of preserving natural wildlife habitats, protecting endangered plant and animal species and enhancing the biodiversity of the Tennessee Valley region.