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Keeping it Small, Keeping it Local

TVA remains committed to its mission of serving the people of the Tennessee Valley, even in the toughest of times. Supporting small, diverse and local businesses is part of that commitment, and TVA spent more than 46% of its supplier spend with small and diverse businesses in fiscal year 2020—a total of more than $1.2 billion.

Know Your Boundaries

TVA manages 293,000 acres of public land, so it’s important that its 6,200 miles of boundaries be easily identified. Learn more about how we make our boundaries more visible.

High-Speed Fiber Blitz

TVA is stretching 2,700 miles of high-speed fiber across the Tennessee Valley in an effort to build a modernized electric grid. The $300-million investment is enhancing both transmission capability and security through the integration of emerging technologies.

Coming Home to Oxford

More residents can find affordable housing in Oxford, Mississippi, thanks to a partnership with the city, builder, local power company and TVA.

Fly Fishing’s Unlikely Following

Millennials are described as being multitaskers who are achievement-oriented. Fishing, specifically fly fishing, was partly an answer to social distancing prompted by COVID-19. The sport has seen a surge among young anglers in the Tennessee Valley.

Protecting What's Left

The term Native American often evokes images of the Cherokee tribe and its history throughout the Tennessee Valley. But there are more than 20 Native American tribes that once called this region home, like the Muscogee Creek Nation.

Join the EVolution

TVA is taking a big step toward enabling more people to confidently choose electric vehicles in the Tennessee Valley. Supporting the development of EVs fits right in with TVA’s mission of service to the people who live and work in the region.

Stewardship of Sacred Sites

TVA’s archaeologists and federally recognized Indian tribes worked to develop a plan for conducting limited archaeological excavation of a site located in Jackson County, Alabama.

TVA Donation Supports Minority Contractor Training Program

TVA has awarded $871,000 to Tennessee Urban League Affiliates to continue offering the Building Futures Minority Contractor Training program in 2021. The program helps recruit and train interested minority contractors on improving home energy efficiency.

Minority Report

TVA uses small veteran- and minority-owned securities firms to sell its bonds, and gains a more diverse investor base as well as fresh perspectives.

Doing the Right Work

Despite the challenge of a pandemic and the need to keep everyone safe and healthy across the Valley while effectively operating the power system, employee efforts made FY20 a best ever performance year for TVA customers.

Reconnecting with the Past

An upcoming project to safely relocate coal ash around Gallatin Fossil Plant is also offering a rare opportunity to help reconnect family members to loved ones who are buried in cemeteries around the fossil plant property.

Colorful Kindling Sparks the Need for Campfire Safety

Saying “goodbye summer, hello fall” shouldn’t lower caution for fire hazards — it should increase it.

One Bee at a Time

Trotter Bluff Small Wild Area is a perfect place for a short, wooded hike along the water. It soon will have another claim to fame as a home to a colorful collection of flowers and grasses that will help feed hungry pollinators.

Creepy Tunnel at Norris

Just in time for Halloween, researchers at Norris have uncovered a spooky tunnel replete with spider webs, dark corners and mice.

TVA Invests in Local Communities

TVA’s unique, long-standing mission of service focuses on much more than just energy. TVA and its more than 10,000 employees are committed – each and every day – to improving the quality of life for communities and people across the Tennessee Valley.

Your Favorite Places Need Your Help

On nice days in the Tennessee Valley, individuals and families flock to TVA public lands to enjoy nature, but many of them also check the condition of their favorite place, and perhaps pick up trash, trim up branches and lend nature a helping hand. These are the volunteers of TVA’s Adopt a Spot and Adopt a Trail programs, and there’s room for you.

Partnership Helps Customers and Communities

Knoxville Utilities Board issues resolution highlighting the partnership with TVA on COVID-19 response in support of Valley residents and businesses.

TVA Legal Pros Help Residents off ‘Treadmill of Trouble’

TVA attorneys help Tennessee Valley residents expunge their records of minor infractions of the law, such as speeding tickets. The hope? To help beneficiaries get and keep good housing and good jobs.

TVA Refurbishes Historic Source of Green Power

When TVA restores one of the hydro units inside it's storied hydroelectric fleet, it adds green megawatts in the process. Take a look inside Pickwick Dam.